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SUD GAS s.r.l. is a UNI ENI ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO14001:2004 certified society having as principal activity the recovery of waste coming from municipalities undertaking separated waste collection.
Any single municipality manages this kind of service ( consisting in the separation of paper, glass, plastic aluminium,,,) directly through its own means and society or indirectly through third party (private societies) offering this kind of service.
Trucks provide a daily service in accordance to the agreements with municipalities. After collection they discharge waste on a selection platform where waste is subjected to a manual or mechanical recovery.
Selection platforms are sites where waste coming from separated collection is recovered in order to eliminate any external material before being recycled.

SUD GAS s.r.l. facilities receive different kind of waste and recovery is articulated in different phases:

  • Arrival and weighing of the vehicles containing waste coming from household collection or street litter bins.
  • Waste is discharged in specific areas and then are placed on conveyor belts by operators.
  • Conveyor belts lead waste at first to a machinery– opening bags – and then to a particular screen, a rotating filter with electric magnets, which eliminates all extraneous little waste such as iron and metallic materials that are collected in an underlying box and destined to recycling.
  • Waste is led by conveyor belts to a machinery called which selects the scrap material destined to landfill site because not –recycling.
  • At this point wastes are subjected to a manual selection by operators on typological bases (paper, glass, plastic). Recovered waste are collected in boxes. Any eventual scrap material will be eliminated and destined to a landfill site.
  • These boxes are led through conveyor belts to another machinery which compresses waste in bales destined to recycled material producers.
  • Bales are stored in specific areas before being led to enterprises which transform them in new goods ( aluminium waste go to steel plants, paper to paper industries…)

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