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MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. - within the MONTICAVA GROUP - is a society specialized in public works boasting a public contract portfolio of outstanding value both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. According to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. is qualified to provide planning and building services up to the VIII classification. In the years MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. has more and more focused its attention and activity on environmental field, realizing waste-treatment facilities of any kind. Moreover, MONTICAVA STRADE is also certfied in keeping with OHSAS 18001 in order to point out the Management's firm belief with reference to health and safety on work policy rules.

MONTICAVA STRADE - thanks to its thirty-year experience in the environmental field combined to its own organizational structure and to the significant research and development activity- works all-over the national territory and plays a leadership role in planning, building and managing waste-treatment facilities.
The considerable energies spent in research, through constant and worthwhile collaborations with the Polytechnic of Bari, the University of Lecce and other institute - ARPA, ENEA, CCIAA Lecce and CNR - led to the scientific experimentation of waste bio-stabilization and to the numerous studies on building materials such as lightened concrete and calcareous aggregates coming from crashing.
At the moment its activity is divided in two branches : services and works.
The first ones consist in managing waste-treatment and disposal facilities like the service provided in Cavallino (LE).
For what concerns the realization of works MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. has a larger range of action going over the environmental field.
The construction sites at present concern the realization of hydraulic works, road works and hurban solid waste-treatment facilities. To these typologies of works we can add pipelines, methanisation works, water supply system and hydraulic works in general, covered and open sports facilities, motorway overpasses and raw concrete floors; MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. boasts moreover a ten-year experience in prefabrication, manufacturing and assembling prefabricated units for civil and industrial buildings.
MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. has at its disposal an its own technical department having a Quality Assurance Certification for works up to the VIII classification and laboratories equipped with innovative software and hardware fit for facing any kind of complication due to the technical complexity and to the dimensional profile of the projects.
The technical department has an internal research-project division which operates on a centralized level and realizes project of various technical nature. It draws on specialized advices both internal and external to the MONTICAVA GROUP and has at its disposal a number of specialized professional figures, in details:

  • 8 engineers;
  • 2 architects;
  • 1 biologist;
  • 6 surveyors.

Other qualified figures compose the administrative staff:

  •   5 graduates in economy and statistics;
  • 3 graduates in law.

Proficiency can’t give anyway a complete frame of MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. productivity if not combined with the number of working vehicles at disposal of this society amounting to 1000 units.
MONTICAVA STRADE s.r.l. has a constant access to banking credit line financing its Public procurements portfolio for an amount which goes from a minimum of 5 millions to a maximum of 15 millions of Euro (or the equivalent in foreign currency).


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